Offering Severance

She sits on the faded violet chair
opposite me;
one elbow resting
on the round blond laminate wood table.
She leans forward,
feet resting on the worn grey carpet.
My reading glasses
sink into the bones of my nose
as I read from my notes;
relaying the news
with my office door shut.
Her eyes meet mine
— wide, deep set, unblinking,
surrounded by a web of fine lines.
“Huh,” she says and sits back.
An uneasy pause
is filled with the tick-tick
of my desk clock.
A brittle smile forces its way
across her guant face.
She says its okay;
she’s tired
of the freeway traffic;
and the slow creeping crawl
of the company’s demise.

Prompt: Trifecta and dVerse open link night.


19 thoughts on “Offering Severance

  1. ugh…sometimes it can be a relief you know…when you see it coming..i have had to deliver this talk…and i have received it…at least there is severence right? oy…still owed back pay from my last one…court next week…

  2. Ouch. You convey the painful tension of moments like that so well, and I love that you say everything that needs to be said without actually coming out and saying it explicitly.

  3. I read it out loud, too. I enjoyed the tick tock of the desk clock. True story? If so, I’m sorry. You’ve captured the experience well. Thanks for linking up.

  4. I love how you’ve described her body language – simple gestures but so telling – and how the whole scene plays out from the perspective of the boss. (And thank you for using “tick-tick” instead of rhyming “tick-tock” with “clock”). Good stuff!

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