Offering Severance

She sits on the faded violet chair
opposite me;
one elbow resting
on the round blond laminate wood table.
She leans forward,
feet resting on the worn grey carpet.
My reading glasses
sink into the bones of my nose
as I read from my notes;
relaying the news
with my office door shut.
Her eyes meet mine
— wide, deep set, unblinking,
surrounded by a web of fine lines.
“Huh,” she says and sits back.
An uneasy pause
is filled with the tick-tick
of my desk clock.
A brittle smile forces its way
across her guant face.
She says its okay;
she’s tired
of the freeway traffic;
and the slow creeping crawl
of the company’s demise.

Prompt: Trifecta and dVerse open link night.


Garden Fence

At first glance,
it was a simple
iron fence,
defining the garden walkway,
with its rake marks
on crushed granite.
It held the pomegranite
bush behind its barrier,
the fruit heavy, hiding
bursting sweet red seeds
nestled in white blankets within.
Further down the path,
the fence became a sculpture;
a support for twining and climbing
vines with painted leaves
and marble size metal grapes.
A beautiful blend of definition,
function and art;
all found on a fence.

Prompts: Trifextra for something that is three things at the same time; Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads for Fences.

First Love

He was a swimmer:
Fit and tan, a blond lock of hair
curling on his forhead,
eyes like sapphires
burning into mine.
We swam in the same water,
our strokes perfectly matched;
We surged and sighed
until we reached a waterfall;
I resurfaced,
gasping for air,
and found myself alone.
Summer suns watched
us swim in separate rivers.
Many miles downstream
a radical shift
in the water’s course
left me dripping on the shore.
I sought out his ocean,
held my breath,
and jumped in.

Prompts: Trifecta “radical” and Poetic Bloomings “At First Sight: Memoir Project” continued.”

The Migraine

She parked her car,
thinking of cool water,
long smooth strokes
and gliding in the quiet.
She set her purse and briefcase
by the door,
at the edge of the carpet,
feeling the pressure
of a familiar migraine.
Squinting against the glare
of the flickering TV,
and wincing at the blaring sound,
she said, “the doctor suggested
exercise to diminish stress.
It would also increase my fitness.”
(which was nonexistent)
She was thinking about
warm sun on the deck
and on her skin.
“The pool near work
is open at noon.”
It would be a rare break
from the demands
of being breadwinner,
mother, wife.
He raised his tennis tanned face
from the recliner,
glanced her way,
and in a voice flat as mud
“Wouldn’t it be cheaper
to take a migraine pill?”
She turned away,
at the absence
of emotion.
She wasn’t a wife.
She was a financial

Prompts: Trifecta for use of the word absence as want or lack.  Also Poets United Vice Versa for the word pairs familiar/rare and diminish/increase


In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about horses: they mirror us.

Prompt:  Robert Frost once said, “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”  We want you to do the same.  Sum up anything you want, but do it in three words.  Your response should mirror Frost’s quote by beginning, “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about–.”  And the last four words are yours to choose.

Summer of 2007 in Azusa, California

After Uncle Deni died,
I waded through
a sea of paperwork;
sweated in the sweltering
summer heat, inside
locked doors and locked windows.
I filled the rented dumpster
with a lifetime
of telephone bills
found in filing cabinets,
on folding tables lost
under tilting piles of paper.
I drove away
leaving the flat roofed house,
with its concrete yard,
in his dinosaur Lincoln Continental,
dingy champagne cream,
sunken bench seat
torn in two places.
It was gulping gas
as I gulped for air.

Prompt: Trifecta “dinosaur”