Day 1: Who Are You?

I have decided to participate in the Scintilla Project which is providing daily prompts for a two week period.

Prompt #1 asks Who Are You?

I am tired
from fighting a cold,
from a long day at work
and a long commute.
I am curled on the couch
under a chocolate colored
fleece blanket
with my laptop,
sudoku puzzles,
my poetry writing journal
and Mary Oliver’s
Poetry Handbook.
I did the grocery shopping
on my way home from work.
I was too tired to cook
so I had a bowl of
Frosted Flakes
while I read
the Christian Science Monitor.
my daughter called
to tell me about 
the boy she asked 
to the Sadie’s dance;
about how he’s sweet
and indifferent other times.
He is the first boy
who hasn’t fallen for her.
So she wants him more.
Smart boy.
I will bring the dogs
into our bedroom.
I will tell Sedona that
she is beautiful while I
rub her belly.
She will groan when she 
lowers her old bones onto
her bed.
Kersey will wiggle in circles
around us
carrying an old slipper 
in her mouth.
I will crawl into bed
and snuggle my back up against
Brett’s warm body.
The sheets will lose their chill and
I will drift off to sleep;
peaceful and deep at first,
then interrupted by a hot flash
— or two or three.
will become tomorrow;
I will awaken and arise
in the chill morning air.
The day will welcome me
with birdsong and light.
I will breathe deeply
the mountain air,
crisp and clean.

3 thoughts on “Day 1: Who Are You?

  1. AH you are doing this prompt- good for you. What a busy day, what a sweet day, what a full write. You get some rest. So much here – I will have to come back for another read. xo teri

  2. This is lovely Annette – I get such a sense of quietly settling in to your day with you, and then, rising again in the morning with a sense of freshness. It brought a smile to my face.

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