Sevenling (Sloppy, Slobbery Horse Kisses)

Sloppy, slobbery horse kisses smeared on a white t-shirt;
jumping puppy paws crusted with mud;
a cat curled in the sun.

Espresso sipped slowly on frosted mornings;
crusty bread cooling on the kitchen counter;
cabernet swirled as the sun sets.

Escape from cities, cement and cocktail parties.

Prompt: Poetic Bloomings memoir project: what is your passion? and Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads for the form: Sevenling.


Garden Fence

At first glance,
it was a simple
iron fence,
defining the garden walkway,
with its rake marks
on crushed granite.
It held the pomegranite
bush behind its barrier,
the fruit heavy, hiding
bursting sweet red seeds
nestled in white blankets within.
Further down the path,
the fence became a sculpture;
a support for twining and climbing
vines with painted leaves
and marble size metal grapes.
A beautiful blend of definition,
function and art;
all found on a fence.

Prompts: Trifextra for something that is three things at the same time; Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads for Fences.