White Water

Rocks litter the river; shore stones
wine skinned and whiskey smooth were once
deep water drunk, jagged and sharp.

The river rapids rush with abundance;
wild spray and splash
until they empty into summer’s sun-bleached lack.

I tumbled through the torrent;
snagging on saw-edged heartbreak,
before resting in the sand – battle weary, bruised and bent.

Prompts:  Poets United Vice Versa prompt and dVerse  for the Triversen form.



Gardening on Minden Drive in Yorba Linda, California
The green grass crushed
beneath my jeans as I knelt
and pulled weeds from the ground.
The soft soil, damp and rich,
released the weeds easily,
their delicate roots brushing myhand.
The sun warmed the back of my neck
and a blue jay hopped nearby,
his bright eyes watching me.
Dirt rained down, shaken from theroots.
I threw them, limp, in a pile.
My marriage is dead.