The Wheelbarrow

--has faded blue paint
    chipped, scratched,
    caked with clods of dried dirt.
--wobbles on one wheel
    heavy with burgundy-brown bricks;
    plastic packs of perky pansies.
--holds memories of bright blue days
    spilling laughing children
    on the ground.

Prompt: Joseph Harker’s Recursion prompt from yesterday.  In a nutshell, take a familiar object and think about its form, function, origin and symbolism.


The Lone and Level Sands

The lone and level sands stretch far away
and I remember feet that slide and sink;
the distant quiet crash of breaking waves;
my body salty, warm and wet; Yes, I
will close my eyes to bring the sound inside;
to muffle thoughts that climb and drop and slip.

Prompt: Miz Quickly’s prompt for today starts with a line from a well known poem.  The challenge is to write a response to that line, using iambic pentameter.  The line I chose, “the lone and level sands stretch far away,” is from Percy Bysshe Shelley’s poem Ozymandias.

The Robin

California poppy colored chest
blazing orange melting red
recklessly raps on the window.
His bashful reflection fails
to fly to his side.
He rests on the porch rail;
saucy black eyes bright —
scornful, undeterred.  Then
with brash bravado
he returns to peck some more.

Yes, I’m back.  I’m going to try to participate in the poetry frenzy of April.