For Leontien

An ordinary day
becomes lavish
when you open your eyes
to morning.
The December fields
are covered
with a khaki army blanket;
white faced cows
black specks on the fabric,
like whiskers
or lint.
Days dangle and blur
but thrice wedded love
stands strong
and steadies your slowing steps.
Abnormal cells steal your youth,
your dairy dreams,
but not your miracle mornings
piled high
past two weeks
pushing to tomorrow.

I wrote this for Leontien, a blogger friend, who is battling cancer.


22 thoughts on “For Leontien

    • Thank you for checking in. Life is crazy at the moment but I do plan to start writing again. Everyday, I say I am going to start and then… well… I fall asleep (exhausted) or something. I promise I’ll be back.

  1. This is beautiful I am sorry I have not seen this till now she was an incredible woman and so are you. Hugs B

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