Wordle 84

Scent of baby lotion,
fingers curled
on a silky blanket
soft and still.
Warm head cradled,
hips sway.
Laundry in a heap,
warm and dry;
socks fallen on the floor,

Eyes closed,
lungs fill
with end of day;
ocean spray,
flecks of gold
skim the sky,
cobalt cloud edges
smudge crimson,
then fade
into night.


18 thoughts on “Wordle 84

    • A lifetime indeed! My step daughter was the inspiration for this poem. She is adopting a baby boy and we had a baby shower for her at Thanksgiving. She talked about being thankful for laundry because it means her children are active and healthy. And the memories of holding my children, now grown, as babies came back so easily.

  1. Babies have such a unique smell of their own, don’t they. I love this. Love the inspiration behind it and yes, we can let the shoulders droop and take a deep breath at the end of day and let it all back out …slowly.
    Beautiful imagery

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