Wind is Released

Ride a horse
Ride the wind
Wind that whistles and roars
Wind that whispers
Whispers of freedom
Whispers of abandon
Abandon stress and strain
Abandon chores
Chores like laundry
Chores choking time
Time with a curry comb
Time to saddle up and go
Go up on the rocky ridge
Go watch hawks soar
Soar on warm updrafts
Soar on wide wings
Wings that span the sky
Wings broad and strong
Strong as life
Strong as love
Love wild and wise
Love shining in a shaft of sunlight
Sunlight washing away worry
Sunlight glowing in my eyes
Eyes emerald meeting your
eyes blue sparkling sapphire
Sapphire mountain lakes
Sapphire autumn sky
Sky wider than the Pacific
Sky above sycamore trees
Trees whose leaves fade and curl
Trees that drop brown leaves
Leaves above green and gold
Leaves below dusty and deep
Deep ravines to cross
Deep shadows
Shadows lengthen and dance
Shadows deepen dusk
Dusk draws us home
Dusk’s last light brings chill
Chill creeping under my jacket
Chill blowing white wispy fog
Fog from horse sweat
Fog from our breath
Breath pulled in deep
Breath released
Released Relaxed Gone
Released from worries

Prompt from Poetic Bloomings for the form, Blitz.


14 thoughts on “Wind is Released

  1. Feels like a pegasus underneath the reader. “Time with a curry comb” stood out the most to me, for some reason… there’s a couple different readings centered on that pivot point, all of them curiously beautiful.

  2. YES! When there is a choice between laundry and riding up the rocky ridge, ALWAYS choose the ride! I love the vista so well described in your poetic lines. Beautiful writing. I was right there with you.

  3. I used to gallop race horses. This so took me back I could feel my windblown tears, hear the horse’s breathing, and smell the sweat. Thank you for the time travel. I still have a horse, but we don’t go so fast anymore!

  4. wonderful progression in this…love the repeating opening to the lines…and you took us on that ride…and made me feel that bit of peace in the end as well….smiles…lovely write….

  5. i love the flow of this poem. The blitz form carries the message well. It expresses the wonder of riding a horse very clearly in the galloping rhythm.

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