At Alisal Ranch October 2012

Sitting on burgundy cotton cushions
under an umbrella of sycamore leaves
we rest.
The sun drifts behind trees,
sinks toward the ridge,
and clear light fades
in a cloudless sky.
We inherit the evening.

Shadows of childhood dreams visit;
they dance and shift,
shaking and rolling,
their gentle thunder joined
with quiet intent.
I remember the solemn vowed words
of a seven year old
whispered in the dark,
deeper than wish,
clearer than vision.

This is the dream.
Riding with you on a wild gallop;
stopping to watch
a bobcat run;
his tail twitching behind the tree trunk;
while our horses stand
sweating in the morning sun.

This morning;
This evening;
This sun;
This kind of carpe diem.

Prompt: Sunday Wordle


16 thoughts on “At Alisal Ranch October 2012

  1. Wow, Annette…the length of line you chose to use moves one along in a swift silky slipping from image to masterful image. What a joy to read you!

    Love these ideas:

    “We inherit the evening…”


    “whispered in the dark,
    deeper than wish,
    clearer than vision.”

    and your closing lines are just right!! 🙂

  2. smiles…sounds like a beautiful evening captured…and love the look back as well to childhood…when we slow down this becomes easier…there is a certain freedom too that comes, like riding that horse…and noticing the bobcat…these are really cool touches to me…

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