Bring It On

The rain raged all night
bundled in wild waves,
bringing ash white streaks,
bolts and bangs
that struck and shook;
smoldering tree husks,
and trapped mice huddled
in the damp corners
of downed debris.

we climbed the canyon trail
into dappled mist kissed

Prompt: Sunday Wordle


20 thoughts on “Bring It On

  1. As long as those little mice stay within the debris of the forest and not enter my home. I used to like nature much more before assorted plants and insects decided my changing chemistry made a good place for them to roost and nestle their poisons – looking forward to the first frost.

    I do love a good storm and the light show it brings. Thanks for your visit. Glad you are enjoying the weekly verses.

  2. I just read yours, juxtaposed with Irene, and now I can see the Wordle words more clearly: but what always astonishes me about things like this is that although some elements end up being the same (water motifs), each poet finds a uniquely beautiful take on the subject. This one being no exception. 🙂

  3. I like the lines:
    smoldering tree husks
    and trapped mice huddled
    in the damp corners
    of downed debris

    The word image gives me the visuals but also the contrasts of smoking timber, furred mice, wet and shivering, the destruction of the fire and the smell of smoke, the timid weak squeaks of frightened creatures. Wonderful word weaving.

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