African Safari

A young American girl
suffered her turn,
riding behind her parents,
in the back of the Land Rover.
The guide slowed to a stop,
on the remote rugged Serengeti,
offering a ride to two young Masai.

They settled in the back,
across from the girl.
She stared in silence
at the marble splendor
of their fierce, proud,
warrior faces.

Lifting a goatskin bag,
they drank a mixture
of cow’s milk and blood;
offered it to the girl–
a shared meal,
a blessing.
She recoiled,

At sundown,
the boys walked away
with easy grace.

Prompts: Sunday wordle.


18 thoughts on “African Safari

  1. Culture clash! I love the back story. Your childhood sounds like it was full of rich experience. I love that you set your piece in the Serengeti. Even cooler that its based on your life.

  2. Wow, I am very impressed. I am trying my hand at this same wordle and so am humbled. A great rendition of a powerfully private story… the image of you recoiling from their offering is brilliant in its honesty. You really brought this experience to life with your words.

  3. Wow. A reminder to us all how different yet how much alike we are. I am sure those graceful young warriors have their own poetry about you.

    Thanks for your visit. I am glad to be a part of this Wordling community. Especially when I get to read real life enchantments. Thank you.

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