Autumn Falls

In Vermont,
Autumn trees wear tweed scarves;
brilliant crimson, blazing orange,
with gilded gold tassles.
Hillsides are covered
in the bright fabric;
leaves lay folded in piles,
a bright quilt of color.

In California,
leaves curl yellow,
dry brown,
fall to the dirt,
crumple into dust.
The wind carries
the musty scent
of eucalyptus and sycamore.

Autumn always falls into winter;
sometimes a blaze of fire,
sometimes a faded felted blanket.

Prompts: Poets United Think Tank Thursday for signs of autumn; dVerse for symbolic use of seasons.


14 thoughts on “Autumn Falls

  1. Very nice, Annette! Autumn always falls into winter here too….snow usually flies MUCH before autumn is officially over with. I love the images you have shared in this poem….the trees with tweed scarves especially. That makes me smile!

  2. very cool annette… the clothing imagery up front and how you return to it again there in the end….really beautiful…i like how it points out the differences in different places but there are constants as well…

  3. As everyone’s said already, “tweed scarves” is inspired; the ending couplet is too. And as different as the two states’ autumns are, the ending really drives home the fact that they’re not different at all.

    • Thanks Joseph. I think you’ve come the closest to getting what I was driving at. Autumn looks different in different places but it always ends up in the same place — winter/death. We can go with a flash of color or the quiet of a well worn blanket.

  4. One forgets that bright leaf colour is not a given.
    Not everywhere and not every year.
    Nice take on the prompt.
    I’m glad we have the colourful patchwork quilt rather than the grey blanket šŸ™‚

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