The Migraine

She parked her car,
thinking of cool water,
long smooth strokes
and gliding in the quiet.
She set her purse and briefcase
by the door,
at the edge of the carpet,
feeling the pressure
of a familiar migraine.
Squinting against the glare
of the flickering TV,
and wincing at the blaring sound,
she said, “the doctor suggested
exercise to diminish stress.
It would also increase my fitness.”
(which was nonexistent)
She was thinking about
warm sun on the deck
and on her skin.
“The pool near work
is open at noon.”
It would be a rare break
from the demands
of being breadwinner,
mother, wife.
He raised his tennis tanned face
from the recliner,
glanced her way,
and in a voice flat as mud
“Wouldn’t it be cheaper
to take a migraine pill?”
She turned away,
at the absence
of emotion.
She wasn’t a wife.
She was a financial

Prompts: Trifecta for use of the word absence as want or lack.  Also Poets United Vice Versa for the word pairs familiar/rare and diminish/increase


18 thoughts on “The Migraine

  1. Wow, that is one zinger of a poem, Annette! Yikes. Rather than caring about her health, he thought of the money it would cost to have her go to the pool. And there he sits with his tennis-tanned face. A strong write that makes my blood boil!

  2. Wow, again. I hate to tell him this but unless they have really, really good insurance, that migraine pill will cost more than a trip to the pool. Someone should slap him.

  3. Ummm! I’m still shaking my head in what must be…shock or disgust. If I felt like that, crap, I just might throw a hissy fit and tell the guy to get off his rear end, quit “his” tennis and get a job at Home Depot…if that’s the sort of thing I did! Yikes. Struck a chord with me as you can tell!!! Well done!

  4. My, he needs some sensitivity training. Had that been me, hubby would’ve needed medical assistance to find his tennis racket 🙂 Sadly, there are some people more concerned about money than health.

  5. I agree with Jeanna, and also volunteer to “slap” him and put that “tennis” racket somewhere he won’t be able to retrieve it. I’m first in line!

  6. Ouch! I’m rooting for girlfriend to take a month-long vacation to Bali. I’ve heard those release stress, too. 🙂 Great job with the prompt. You’ve made me angry, which is always a good sign. Thanks for linking up.

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