Summer of 2007 in Azusa, California

After Uncle Deni died,
I waded through
a sea of paperwork;
sweated in the sweltering
summer heat, inside
locked doors and locked windows.
I filled the rented dumpster
with a lifetime
of telephone bills
found in filing cabinets,
on folding tables lost
under tilting piles of paper.
I drove away
leaving the flat roofed house,
with its concrete yard,
in his dinosaur Lincoln Continental,
dingy champagne cream,
sunken bench seat
torn in two places.
It was gulping gas
as I gulped for air.

Prompt: Trifecta “dinosaur”


9 thoughts on “Summer of 2007 in Azusa, California

  1. The rented Dumpster is what got me, actually. When my grandmother suffered a brain injury, we had to rent a Dumpster to sort through her belongings. It’s a big job, and I love that you tackled it on Trifecta. Thanks for linking up.

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