They called me Stretch
because I was all long limbs
like I’d been stretched
on a rack.
Long toes gripping
the starting blocks,
like lizard claws
like a gecko;
clinging, then springing forward
hurtling through the water
kicking, pulling, flipping, pushing
fighting for the finish;
voices on the deck
as I reached for the wall.

Prompts: Poetic Bloomings memoir series and Margo’s Tuesday Tryouts.


17 thoughts on “Stretch

  1. Competitive swimming is brutal. A close family friend’s children really work hard and this year went to the Olympic trials. I have a horse as well and am enjoying learning dressage… but my little QH will never compete. We just do it for fun. (I think the saddle is very comfortable!) and the finer points we will never achieve. But, the basics are good for every horse and rider.

    • I love dressage for the connection and harmony it creates between horse and rider. Competition is secondary. And, like you said, it is great for all disciplines. …and swimming, yes, training was intense.

  2. your verb sequence really gives an idea of what it was like to go through that pool at speed.
    My equivalent was the starting block of the track. Never liked the crouching down bit.

  3. I love when that part of a person that has built some of their character is shared aptly enough to paint such a nostalgic picture. Makes me want to breath a heavy sigh….and delve into those things that patterned me and my family. Truly a great personal touch on this one. Loved it.

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