A Reverie of Wordled Haiku

The rose sits ruffled
against the fence; hungry goats
rip and tear at leaves.

Pomegranate dusk
hangs heavy; pencils replace
swimsuits, sand and sun.

Honey crisp apples
sliced in a pie; recipe
for fault forgiven.

Picnic essentials
of blanket and wine; empty
bottles sleep content.

Icy water flows;
the drawbridge operator
gone without a trace.

Thick tree limbs fell hard
during the storm; the chain link
bent beyond repair.

Prompts: I used the Wordle words for this week to complete Joseph Harker’s Reverie prompt to write at least five haiku, correctly in the traditional way; no playing with form, syllable count or seasonal nature images.  He gives a great tutorial on how to accomplish that and I enjoyed the exercise.


18 thoughts on “A Reverie of Wordled Haiku

  1. Each one are lovely in their own right. Sad for the roses being chewed to pieces by the goats but, that it simply nature doing what it does I guess. Not looking forward to thoughts of icy water…brrr.
    Very nice Haiku Annette, I think you accomplished what you set out to achieve 🙂

  2. Beautiful work here, Annette! I love the first one the best (digging the hungry goats), but that they are all connected is quite clever. I may have to chek out Joseph’s prompt.

  3. ‘Empty wine bottles sleep content’…one of my favorite lines.
    All this month I am at my short verse site I am doing haiku, tanka and renga for my ‘stones’ – daily observations. http://julesgemstonepages.wordpress.com/
    I’ve got a couple of verse that are 7 haiku long. I haven’t visited Joseph’s prompt for a bit. Sometimes they are just too complex for me. Once though, I wrote in series (five) pages worth of haiku to tell a story for a contest. I enjoyed your vignette.

    Thanks for stopping by my long verse site where I post my Wordles. I’m glad you are enjoying the ‘installments’.

  4. The haikus tell a whole story, so well done, so picturesquely, and a wordl too. Brava! I love “pomegranate dusk” and all the other visuals

  5. Another form found a home in your writing. Aching and longing seeps through in such a graceful way. Loving the “pomegranate dusk”!

  6. I like anything with the word ‘pomegranate’. Did you know it has the same root as grenade?

    While it’s not the happiest of them, I think this carries the most power;
    Icy water flows;
    the drawbridge operator
    gone without a trace.

  7. I haven’t read the prompt, but your last one especially is a superb haiku I think. It paints a picture and says an awful lot without saying it directly – really liked it.

  8. Agreed with Margo, I think the fifth one hits the nail on the head. The story in my head might be different from hers, which might be different from yours, etc. But “pomegranate dusk” is, of course, breathtaking too. 🙂

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