Coffee Beans

Just look at those beans,
shiny and hard;  you can
use them as ball bearings
for your skateboard; or
place the smooth bright beads
in a sachet bag for the car; their
roasty toasty smoky sweet smell
will cover up the smell of dog
or goat
or McDonald’s fries.

Prompt: Margo’s Wordgathering asked us to look at a common object and use it in imaginative ways.  I had trouble thinking outside the box, and letting my imagination go, but once I came up with ball bearings I was home free.


16 thoughts on “Coffee Beans

  1. You have goats in your car? Or, I should say: your speaker has goats in her car? I love the idea of a coffee bean sachet. I think you may have a stocking stuffer idea there.

    It felt good, didn’t it, when the brain made its move outside the box?! The poem is light-hearted and fun.

  2. Haha! This is so much fun! I LOVE the ball bearing idea. And what mama’s car doesn’t usually smell like McDonald’s french fries? This is genius. 🙂 Loves me some coffee beans. Let’s cover some in chocolate while we’re at it. 😉

    PS: LOL at “goat.” But I see it’s legit. Hilarious.

  3. A lovely poem – I liked the way you balanced simple description with fun ideas and then came to the roasty toasty smoky sweet smell towards the end and changed to how you could use this to cover other unexpected things…

  4. very cool…i have no goat or dog in the car usually but love the idea to put a bag of coffee beans there…just for the scent…i LOVE the scent of coffee!!

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