My crowded heart
is bursting with bushel baskets,
spilling family memories
laughter and tears;
quiet happy days
and sudden passion;
soft horse muzzles brushing my palm;
dogs with bright brown eyes
and ears at attention;
daffodil springs
and pomegranite falls;
distant thunder
and drenching rain;
crisp apple mornings
and soft peach nights;
a pool of burgundy
swirled in a glass;
lunch nestled on a terrace,
a quiet village in France.
All jumbled and tumbled
stacked up tall;
my heart so crowded
there’s no room for walls.

Prompt: Trifecta “heart”


8 thoughts on “Crowded

  1. This is absolutely lovely, Annette – what gorgeous imagery. We should all be so crowded. Those last two lines couldn’t be more perfect, and more meaningful. Beautifully done!

  2. You had me with the burgundy. This is how I feel on the best of days–that there’s so much beauty and potential, there simply isn’t a way to express it chronologically. The memories just tumble together. Beautiful work here. Thanks for sharing.

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