Flash’s Mistake

The kick from your horse hurt like hell;
he launched his hind hoof, lightening fast,
meant for my horse, but not aimed well.
He broke my foot, I’m in a cast.
When we slowed, you turned and asked
why was I swearing on the trail?
First, fill a margarita glass.
Make it strong.  Your horse is for sale.

Prompt: dVerse for the form called huitain.  This is a specific syllable and rhyme form, neither easy things for me.  Good for me? yes.  Do I like them? no.  The poem is loosely based on fact: my husband’s horse, Flash, kicked and broke my foot while we were having a lovely canter (on vacation, no less).  I did ask for a margarita immediately after. I did not ask my husband to sell his horse.  That would break his heart. 


16 thoughts on “Flash’s Mistake

  1. Loved the way you made the form (well executed by the way) fit your voice. It’s fun, it’s real, it’s clever and without knowing it was based on fact, I felt as though you were telling to me. Your personality as well as your voice shines through. No small feat in eight short lines!

  2. Well, for not liking the form you really did a great job with it. I often find that things we don’t necessarily enjoy or appreciate as having positive qualities for you in other means. Loved the tale, sorry about the foot of course, but in so telling I think you really gravitated nicely to the essence of what I believe the form to be about. Great read.

  3. Ouch on the break. I had a badly broken ankle (both tib & fib) in winter of 2007. Needed an op and have permanent metal plate and screws to hold it all together so, I so know how much that break would have hurt. But it was on ice, not a horse. So glad you forgave the horse too 🙂 This was a clever, fun read and the Margarita, a touch of class. 😉

  4. dang sorry you broke your foot…that had to hurt… a margarita might have helped surely….smiles…glad you di dnot make him get rid of the horse though….nice use of the form too…

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