You Are My Home

I remember being nineteen;
stretched out on the seat
of your police car,
our love sweeter
than the smell of ripe
rising on the night time breeze.

I remember re-uniting
when I was thirty-eight;
waves crashing on the rocks
while you crushed me
to you
in the ice plant covered dunes.

And now at fifty-two
I curl next to you
in the comfortable cushion
of our bed.
You pull me close
and my body remembers

Prompts: Adele’s prompt to write about “where the journey takes you” and the Trifecta prompt of the word “home.”


37 thoughts on “You Are My Home

  1. This is beautifully written. It is moving and hot at the same time. I am dying to know what happened in between those wonderful “meetings”. BTW, I love the last line as you wrote it.

  2. i love how you compared everything. especially in the first stanza with strawberries. this piece has a sense of sensual yet coziness to it. and the last line was beautiful. well done!

  3. “You pull me close and my body remembers everything.” Definitely a great closing to a story about a life long love affair (and if it isn’t a life long love affair, I want it to be). I loved this but I really like all of your entries!

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