Flying in Fear

I stood at the hallway end
jumping and shouting
while the bat
ricocheted around the great room.

He must have hidden
in the house all day
invisible, hanging
in curvacious curtains
or some quiet alcove.
He had flown past me
in the narrow hallway
from our bedroom.

The spinning ceiling fan
whipped wind
into the humid evening heat
while the bat careened
at warp speed
dipping, climbing,
beating his sturdy lace
filament wings;
ignoring the open door;
his map reading:
Hallway!  Bedroom!
Me, jumping and shouting:
No!  Door!  Out!  Now!

Finally, our senses flooded,
fight and flight
dwindled to détente.
The bat rested
on an open ceiling beam
between the hallway and door.
I sank,
sticky wet with sweat,
into the couch.

the bat rose
and calmly swooshed
out the open door.

Prompt: Wordle 69


25 thoughts on “Flying in Fear

  1. I’m giggling reading this. I bet the sweat was pouring off you. Isn’t it so frustrating when the door is wide open and they keep missing it too! … Never chased a bat around the house but have had a few hunts for mosquito’s … so many bugs that bite me, my body reacts really badly, I try and get them before they get me.
    This was so vivid, I could ‘see’ it all. So glad you wanted to free it though and not just kill it as so many would. 🙂

  2. Thank you for your visit…Any story has got to have some bad guys. I haven’t figured out yet where this wizard is from or where he’s going – I’m depending on wordle lists for future development. 🙂 I just went to Mr. Linky and found your verse. No worries.

    *Favorite line or word combination: Curvaceous curtains & lace filament wings!

    I’ve been said to have a few bats in my belfry … seriously though I haven’t had any bats, just (in this house) a live bird down the chimney that we were able to set free. Another home that we owned had some loose pointing in the stone work and bees made a nest in between the floors – that wasn’t fun either.

  3. I was right there during this encounter. Love how you and the bat BOTH had to take time to recover before it could gather its wits and swoop off. I have hummingbirds fly into my place often – but they always go right for the corner of a window, so they are easy to cup in my hands and take outdoors….they feel as light as a breath in your hands.

  4. Such an enjoyable piece! I love reading poems about things people don’t usually write about. Isn’t it funny that some things work out better when we let them take care of themselves? You would have saved yourself a workout!

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