Muddy Hymns in August

The sycamore sheds its skin
in peeling strips of curling bark,
offering pale patches of pewter.
A heaping platter of leaf and limb.

Cottonwood trees twinkle tall.
When the wind plays hard
and limbs fall,
the goats have a feast-for-all.

The monsoon wind smells
of damp sycamore leaves
and wet dust
as it rumbles past.



Midnight Call

I fumbled
across the bed;
the phone
close to my ear;
with excitement.
It would be love
no more
love affair.
His voice,
low and intense,
rushed at me.
A question
and a pause.
I can’t leave her yet.
The phone turned to stone
and a river
tumbled me away.

Prompts: Adele Kenny for phone poems and Three Word Wednesday for affair, expectation and free.

Summer of 2007 in Azusa, California

After Uncle Deni died,
I waded through
a sea of paperwork;
sweated in the sweltering
summer heat, inside
locked doors and locked windows.
I filled the rented dumpster
with a lifetime
of telephone bills
found in filing cabinets,
on folding tables lost
under tilting piles of paper.
I drove away
leaving the flat roofed house,
with its concrete yard,
in his dinosaur Lincoln Continental,
dingy champagne cream,
sunken bench seat
torn in two places.
It was gulping gas
as I gulped for air.

Prompt: Trifecta “dinosaur”


They called me Stretch
because I was all long limbs
like I’d been stretched
on a rack.
Long toes gripping
the starting blocks,
like lizard claws
like a gecko;
clinging, then springing forward
hurtling through the water
kicking, pulling, flipping, pushing
fighting for the finish;
voices on the deck
as I reached for the wall.

Prompts: Poetic Bloomings memoir series and Margo’s Tuesday Tryouts.

A Reverie of Wordled Haiku

The rose sits ruffled
against the fence; hungry goats
rip and tear at leaves.

Pomegranate dusk
hangs heavy; pencils replace
swimsuits, sand and sun.

Honey crisp apples
sliced in a pie; recipe
for fault forgiven.

Picnic essentials
of blanket and wine; empty
bottles sleep content.

Icy water flows;
the drawbridge operator
gone without a trace.

Thick tree limbs fell hard
during the storm; the chain link
bent beyond repair.

Prompts: I used the Wordle words for this week to complete Joseph Harker’s Reverie prompt to write at least five haiku, correctly in the traditional way; no playing with form, syllable count or seasonal nature images.  He gives a great tutorial on how to accomplish that and I enjoyed the exercise.

Coffee Beans

Just look at those beans,
shiny and hard;  you can
use them as ball bearings
for your skateboard; or
place the smooth bright beads
in a sachet bag for the car; their
roasty toasty smoky sweet smell
will cover up the smell of dog
or goat
or McDonald’s fries.

Prompt: Margo’s Wordgathering asked us to look at a common object and use it in imaginative ways.  I had trouble thinking outside the box, and letting my imagination go, but once I came up with ball bearings I was home free.