People Change

When we were kids
we cantered imaginary horses
on the playground,
explored abandoned lemon groves
and newly framed houses.

When we were teens
we jumped over logs on borrowed horses.
We threw ourselves,
cold and shaking
from diving through the waves,
on sandy towels
and tanned our salty skin.

When I was older,
I scrubbed the floors,
bathed the baby,
and waited for her visit.
She never came.

Years later we met;
husbands and children in tow.
We circled each other like cats;
–her claws were out —
she smiled with her lips
while she cut me with her tongue.

Prompts: Poetic Bloomings #65 “Betrayed” and Adele Kenny’s prompt on friendship.


10 thoughts on “People Change

  1. “Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change.” – Confucious
    (And, of course, that applies to women as well!) ☺

    Sounds like a bit of personal experience in this one, Annette, because it rings so true.

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