The Leap

We were living
on a quiet, leafy street
across from a green grass gazeboed park.
There were pool parties and Bunko,
a backyard tree
with tawny blushed crispy sweet apples.

On a wet November day
we came upon an empty mountain meadow;
— for sale —
Debt doubt questioned the wisdom
of building our dream.
Surely it was nonsense
to believe we had the strength and ability
to raise a barn
and live within the seasons’
harsh discomfort.

Fear knotted in my stomach
while the dream beat
its wings
and flew
us up the mountain.

Prompts: Trifecta/Triextra on writing about someone taking a giant leap and Poets United Vice Versa words for the week (doubt/believe, wisdom/nonsense).



13 thoughts on “The Leap

  1. Ha! I was just counting the words thinking “Hey now…” then I saw your additional comment. I have friends who did this… exactly (or almost) as you describe.

  2. This was a lovely response to the challenge. I wish it had fit into the word limit. I can taste the apples and I’m wishing I had one right now. I love the bit about the dream beating its wings. Please come on back for the longer challenge this week.

  3. Hi Annette!

    Reading your poem, I wanted to include your name in my Liebster Award. I really loved your work on the prompt, and decided to make you one of the recipients.

    Hope you enjoy it. 🙂

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