I cannot coldly observe
how you have her curled
on the floor, fetal
position, frozen, shaking
like a kitten in a cage.
I try to ignore the trivial
bait you set;
so subtle she can’t name
it for me.
Fight or flight fails her.
She is trapped;
you stack her thoughts
— the significant memories
on top of future fears
of failure, unfounded
and untrue.
She wimpers
Help me.

Prompts: Poetry Mixtape to personify a serious subject, Poetic Bloomings to write about something I don’t understand/can’t grasp, and Poets United Vice Versa.


9 thoughts on “Anxiety

  1. Wow, you have captured the feeling of anxiety masterfully…when fight or flight fails a person, and he/she is left wimpering for help. Thanks for taking part in Vice/Versa. You used the four words well!

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