The Sting of Eternity

The sting of eternity
lies in the dusty drawers of
another year gone.

Subtracting all the blazing balls
that fall into the cold blue sea, marking
the sting of eternity.

Harried housewives hurry
scraping their zest into a bowl,
another year gone.

They leave behind the dried rind
of months and days,
the sting of eternity.

Some spurn life’s yeast, fail
to rise; bake flat and hollow;
another year gone.

The Cat’s in the Cradle
singing to the ignorant about
the sting of eternity;
another year gone.

Written using the word’s in this week’s wordle.


20 thoughts on “The Sting of Eternity

  1. I like the repetition, and the incorporation of Chapin’s song. The mundane tasks of the housewives as metaphors for passing time is rich. This is a strong write, Annette. I’m so happy you’re writing with us week after week at The Whirl.

  2. You have weaved the “string of eternity” with “another year gone by”. This wordle seems to have been really colored by that word housewives. Thanks for such a nice comment over at my place. xo teri

  3. The Cat’s in The Cradle…I kind of thought my own childhood was like that and vowed my children would not have the same fate. Dirty dishes may have stayed in the sink overnight but I always read bed time stories and played with ’em. Now I get to do the same for the grandbabe. Thankful that we all get along. Don’t need to be my children’s best friend…just a part of their life is good enough for me.

    I’m here:

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  5. very nice use of these words – especially love the ending with The Cat’s in the Cradle – an unexpected by delightful surprise …
    thanks also for stopping by my blog at Leaping Elephants … much appreciated!

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