Walking Home from School

You were so tough,
so cool,
popping wheelies
on your bikes.
I was easy prey —
a girl
with shapeless hair,
carrying a viola case
with her arms full
of books.

I hope you choked
on the spit
you flung at me.
I was lanky
with no budding breasts
or girlish curves.
You pedaled close
and crowed
Can’t tell if it’s a boy or a girl!
Spit your venom
on my face
off my glasses-
then sped away.

When you pedaled off,
shrieking with laughter,
I hope your tire hit gravel,
locked and slid;
that you got road rash
on your face,
grape juice purple
and plum red,
pitted and pulverized.
I hope a crowd
of pretty girls
-with curves-
saw you wipe out
and laughed.

This was a difficult form for me: the invective poem.  It requires you to be angry, abusive, critical and if you can throw in a tirade — that’s a good thing.  I had to go back — way back — to junior high school to find a topic.  Unfortunately, it is a true story and one that scarred me deeply for a long time.  …and one that still carried anger.  Pop over to Adele’s blog to see what others did with this prompt.


11 thoughts on “Walking Home from School

  1. Excellent write. You described the scene well and your feelings well. Interesting, isn’t it, how some things stay with a person for decades afterwards. Mean words live long. I am sure this person doesn’t even remember what he said, but YOU do. I picture him being bald, toothless, and out of shape now. (And smile.)

  2. This is something a lot of people can relate with so great going even though it was a painful memory! Your poem has the ability to stir up emotions, which is ultimately what we should be aiming for. Excellent work!

  3. oh my high school years were awful, too! it’s shocking how terrible people can be. i’m glad you wrote about this though, i really got a sense of the young person you were through your words. and don’t worry — karma’s a bitch. 🙂 x

  4. I’m so sorry this happened to you…it would be hard for me to write this way, to carry such deep pain and anger for so long…perhaps this writing will bring you some relief after all this time.

  5. Well written – brought back memories of my shy, shapeless, bespectacled schooldays… I had no problems with being bullied by the boys… it was the girls…

    Anna :o]

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