Enter with intent;
walk the circles of sand,
of parched dirt, gravel or grass;
of aqua tile or time worn brick.
Weave your way inward
on the walkways marked
by smooth stones, sticks or a hedge.
Let your mind weave and wander,
pause, wait
— take a moment to contemplate —
One foot forward, measured and slow
don’t hurry — listen,
be present and flow.
When you reach the center,
drink in the peace.

Prompt from Poets United.


5 thoughts on “Labyrinth

  1. I love this, Annette, especially the closing lines. And you are right, the First Nations Four Directions and influence does permeate my labyrinth poem. I was privileged to work and live among these beautiful people for a decade. My spirit felt at home in their culture as it never has in what passes for “culture” (read materialism) in North America.

  2. I love the images you use for the textures and colors of the path, so sensual and diverse, all leading inward as a labraninth does – and the drinking in at the center feels right.

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