White Water

Rocks litter the river; shore stones
wine skinned and whiskey smooth were once
deep water drunk, jagged and sharp.

The river rapids rush with abundance;
wild spray and splash
until they empty into summer’s sun-bleached lack.

I tumbled through the torrent;
snagging on saw-edged heartbreak,
before resting in the sand – battle weary, bruised and bent.

Prompts:  Poets United Vice Versa prompt and dVerse  for the Triversen form.


4 thoughts on “White Water

  1. I enjoyed this poem very much, can picture the exhaustion that must have been experienced by the words that you used. Well penned. I especially liked the same phrasings that Sherry liked! (Visiting here from Poetry Pantry this afternoon….but I also do dVerse regularly as well.)

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