Jail Break

In the grey light of almost-dawn
we found the fence break.
I jumped the rail cleanly;
Flash followed, pushing
the rail to the ground.
Jackson studied the situation
before carefully stepping over.

We could hear the howl of coyotes
as Flash led us
down the deserted road.
He flicked his ear at us in warning
when we crowded his broad rump
for security.

At the pond
our hooves sank in the thick muck;
we waded out
belly deep
and drank.
The mallards took flight.
Back on shore we rolled;
mud turning Jackson’s silver to brown.

Spring’s green grass was gone
and a sinister buzz
came from the dried weeds.
I lowered my long nose
to investigate.
Flash pushed me aside
with his stocky shoulders
and something gold and brown
–like a thick lead rope —
slithered past.
I manured.

Jackson’s head was bobbing;
he went lame on us.  Again.
So we took him home.
Flash marched along,
steady and strong,
a glint of laughter
in his blue eyes.
I danced behind
on my lanky legs;
ready to run wild.

This was written from Joseph Harker’s Reverie prompt.


6 thoughts on “Jail Break

  1. Hi Annette: Just want to let you know that I answered a question you asked on Poets United site. I didn’t know how else to let you know. Best wishes.

    • Thanks for the heads up! I can’t keep straight who has and hasn’t commented on my posts but I agree with the sentiment. I make sure I visit the postings from people I remember from previous commenting and, of course, I reciprocate with anyone who posts on mine. Other than that, its the luck of the “preceding 10+” 🙂

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