Linking Memories

The water was an aquamarine swirl
    in the backyard Doughboy pool. 
We joined hands and raced in circles 
    before picking up our feet and 
    coasting in the current. 

I made my first home 
   in a dingy drab apartment; 
A married woman-girl 
   with rented furniture. 
When my mother saw me at her door 
   she cried. 

Paris, three am, a tiny hotel room; 
    laying side by side, 
My daughter giggles helplessly and 
    my Aries self, out of control, 
    gives in to silly laughter. 

On Mother's Day, I sat 
    in a sliver of sunlight 
    watching my children 
    beat the batter 
    so busy, so focused. 
I held my warm black Starbucks mug and 
    drank deeply. 

I sit in a faded chair 
    by the pool with the dogs, 
    palomino and straw washed 
    together in their wet fur. 
The sun glints off  
    burnished copper boulders, sunshine is
    pouring like liquid honey. 

We sat on the boulders, ocean pounded, smooth; 
White foam tipped waves spill 
    (filling the crevice where we stashed our wine) 
Your sapphire eyes deepened to dark cobalt -- 
    Oh my! Oh yes! 

The water was an aquamarine swirl 
    in a dingy drab apartment; 
    laying side by side. 
Beat the batter 
    pouring like liquid honey; 
    Oh my! Oh yes!

This poem was written with a prompt from Joseph Harker's Reverie,
 on linking short poems to make a poetic charm bracelet.

7 thoughts on “Linking Memories

    • That’s weird — the like button is always on. I wonder why it isn’t showing up. I’ve gotten a couple likes on that poem but I didn’t see the button either when I went to the page.

  1. Annette, a lovely read. It flows so well from stanza to stanza, and yet each left an impression, standing on its own. Love how you ended it with those repeated lines. It left me feeling warm.


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