At the Gate, Atlanta International Airport

I am waiting to board my plane,
Ready to be home.  I work a sudoku puzzle
sitting in a chair with the noisy crush
of passengers.  In the next row over,
a man with ear lobes like ripe pears,
heavy, large, and meaty, talks
loudly to his laptop. His short, round and rumpled
body shifts in the hard seat
while he speaks in a voice heavily accented,
condescending and imperial.  His eyes flick
between the computer and the room,
watching us watch him.

A woman walks up, her hair twisted
and swept up in perfectly coiffed sleekness.
Her skin is taut, eyes dramatically lined, lips vivid.
She is perfectly pressed navy St. John paired
with Rumplestiltskin.
Her lips offer a wooden smile as she looks at the computer
and says “We loved seeing you.
Her heels click away from the gate and I hear the
disembodied airport voice intone:
“Please report unattended baggage.”




10 thoughts on “At the Gate, Atlanta International Airport

  1. I think I have seen those two! I spend a lot of time in Atlanta’s airport. You make the scene clear and alive. It’s a fun vignette. The speaker sounds neutral, while at the same time using a couple of words to show that there is an opinion in that voice.

  2. As you know Annette I have been following/participating Margo’s prompt about self. ( I have been dreadfully reluctant to do any of the other prompts.) I am thankful to have written my pieces rather quickly. I feel it may have been necessary for me to go ahead and get a sense of me (ornery as a metal fence and all). I am now ready to consider the idea of another personae in my writing. Who would have thought? Your characters do come alive in this piece- I especially liked “Her lips offer a wooden smile…”

  3. I love a good airport poem.

    Sudoku fits here so well, and the woman’s voice is just right: “We loved seeing you.” Those were the words resonating with me when I finished reading this poem.

  4. Finely tuned sarcasm .
    Loved it.
    The hoof prints in my garden are from deer, and not as welcome as yours are to you 🙂

  5. really nice…i can easily see these two…and love how you capture each seperate but it says much about the two together…and the dismbodied voice at the end says much of them as well…smiles….and the puzzle is a great touch too…cool piece…

  6. You caught a perfect moment of sarcasm in a moment tumbling out of the chaos that’s terror aware, harmful to inner peace, objectivizing. These airports that shuffle us thru them like so much herd stuff, open up possibilities for little display of humanity, perhaps, though here it seems we see a small molecule take shape for just a few seconds. The transparency and immediacy of the moment you capture is brilliantly conceived.

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