Day 9. List of 23

The Scintilla Project

Day 9.  23 Things To Do This Week

1.       Call my son and tell him that his bunny is dying.  This morning I found his rabbit, in the hutch, unresponsive.  I’m pretty sure he’ll be dead by this evening when I get home.  The rabbit was a birthday gift to my son when he was 10 years old.  My son is 20 now, and off at school.  I don’t think he’ll be surprised.  Rocky is a very old bunny and he has lived a good life.
2.      Go to the gym after work and do 30 minutes on the elliptical machine.
3.      Start, complete and file our tax returns.  Yes, I’ve been procrastinating.  I hate doing the taxes. 
4.      Prune back the shrub roses along the front of the house. 
5.      School my horse, Winston, at least three times this week.
6.      Groom my retired horse, Jackson, and fuss over him.  He wants and needs a lot of attention.
7.      Give the goats their wormer.  Make Thistle eat his instead of spitting it out and then gulping down water.  Make sure Little Bear doesn’t eat Thistle’s wormer ball – he thinks they are goat treats.
8.      Schedule the vet to come up in April and give the horses their vaccinations. 
9.      Finish working on the poem that’s been tossing and turning in my head for two weeks.  
10.  Go to my daughter’s track meet on Thursday.  She is competing in the long jump again this year. 
11.  Go to work, attend meetings, direct my staff… the usual.
12.  Make salads every night for dinner.  We have two huge heads of lettuce and a bunch of spinach from our CSA (local organic farm) basket.  I need to use it up before Friday.
13.  Order new lights for the pond clarifier.  The existing lights have died and the water trough is getting cloudy.
14.  Celebrate my birthday this weekend by taking a trip with my husband up the coast and staying in a historic inn close to the water. 
15.  Buy The Hunger Games for my Kindle and read it this weekend so everyone will quit bugging me about the fact that I haven’t read it yet.
16.  Talk to and text my daughter regularly to hear how things are going with her new boyfriend.  So far, she is very happy.  I’m hoping she doesn’t get scared and run him off – she has a very bad case of commitment phobia.
17.  Read the daily posts on the blogs I follow.  Write posts for my Aspen Meadows blog.
18.  Figure out how I am going to get my son home from college for Easter.  Going back to school after spring break was a fiasco.  His friend who was supposed to give him a ride flaked.  The train ticket I bought him didn’t work – the train was overbooked and they wouldn’t let him on.  Flying is ridiculously expensive…
19.  Trim the donkey’s hooves. 
20.  Fold the laundry that has been sitting in the dryer all week.
21.  Write my daily Scintilla prompt (they have been fun, and a stretch) for this blog.
22.  Roast and pickle the beets that were in the CSA basket.
23.  Mist my tomato plant seedlings in the greenhouse.  Hope that the weather stays cool so they don’t fry while we are gone for the weekend.

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