Day 4. My Childhood Bedroom


The prompt: Talk about your childhood bedroom. Did you share? Slam the door? Letsomeone in you shouldn’t have? Where did you hide things?

My bedroomwas on the north side of home, with a window facing the San Gabriel Mountains.   I looked at the mountains every morning whenI woke up.  In the spring they were velvet green, in the summer and fall barely visible through a haze of smog,and in the winter stark, brown, with sharp points and corners. 
The window was large, with a crank handle for opening it and a screen that was loosely attached.  When I was small, the shadowsfrom the streetlights on the plants outside my window played on the wall opposite my bed and frightened me a bit. At Christmas time, I would lie awake in my bed looking up at the eaves and the Christmas lights strung there. Once, I thought I heard sleigh bells. When I was older, I watched out the window for my boyfriend so I could sneak out of the house; once it was through that window.
My sister’sroom was built onto our house.  It was added by knocking out one of my walls so, although we had our own space, there was no wall between our rooms.  She entered her room through the hallway door that was on my side.  My clothes hung in the shared closet on her side.  My sister and I weren’t particularly close although I was just a year older than her.  We didn’t fight much, we just had different interests.  We created our own imaginary wall between the rooms, not crossing into the other’s space except when necessary.
The rooms were painted a pale yellow which made them seem bright despite facing the shady side of the house.  We had matching bedspreads, made by our mother, with bright yellow daisies.  I had shelves reaching almost to the ceiling along one wall.  On them, I had a record player and my albums lined up neatly: John Denver, Neil Diamond, America, Bread, Jesus Christ Superstar and The Beach Boys.  The remaining shelves were full of books and Breyer horses.  I spent more time in my room than with the family. I preferred my horses, music and books over watching TV.  I would sit on the floor with my back against my twin bed, and a spiral notebook balanced on my thighs.  I wrote poetry and short stories (really awful short stories about love and horses), carrying the notebook with me to school and scribbling in it constantly. 
I still prefer horses, music and books over TV.  Today, I live in the mountains with our horses. I spend my evenings curled up with a book, reading blogs or writing poetry.   I am still very much that quiet girl in the sunshine colored room gazing at the mountains.

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