After the Fire: San Marcos Pass

A scorched moonscape slashed across the mountain;

Smudgy charcoal tree stumps stood shadowy

against the sore earth.

A rough restless wind blew

ghosts of green grass memory and

a hawk soared high, searching

for warm rodents nestled under the ground.


The springs still seep water; soon seeds will sprout.

Ground squirrels will whistle to each other,

bright on blackened boulders.

I know balance will return;

That the brush is cleansed and renewed.

Ashes will bear life, but

right now it looks like a barren wasteland.


13 thoughts on “After the Fire: San Marcos Pass

  1. I completely forgot this was a wordle, as I read. It wasn't until I reached 'balance' and thought 'Hang on…'.I remember, growing up, that every summer as we headed to our boat, we passed burned hillsides. It was a part of the season. Love the imagery in the last two lines of the first stanza.

  2. My daughter-in-law is from San Marcos (near San Diego?). Is this the fire of a few years ago, or more recently?Very good piece you've written; heartbreaking and hopeful.~ Misky

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