Gardening on Minden Drive in Yorba Linda, California
The green grass crushed
beneath my jeans as I knelt
and pulled weeds from the ground.
The soft soil, damp and rich,
released the weeds easily,
their delicate roots brushing myhand.
The sun warmed the back of my neck
and a blue jay hopped nearby,
his bright eyes watching me.
Dirt rained down, shaken from theroots.
I threw them, limp, in a pile.
My marriage is dead.

3 thoughts on “Gardening…

  1. Ouch! Ouch! The ending came so suddenly and unexpectedly, yet somehow fits. I think you have come the closest to the example poem, in form and content.Like 'Lying in a Hammock,' as soon as I reached the epiphany I returned to the lead up and everything, word choice, imagery, metaphor, points to the end. Well done.

  2. I was thrilled to see that you had posted a response to this prompt. I have not done it. I have such trouble understanding prompts that have verbal directions. I get so caught up in the directions it cuts off beginning. So I wait and see examples. I have gone and read several of the others – and while they were all lovely, to me I did not "get" how they clicked with the prompt. With Margo's comment above- her prompt has finally become clear to me. Sorry to have gone on about me. Your poem is contains imagery that fully illuminates the epiphany. Well written. I wonder if I can write to this prompt now?

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