The Woodpecker

Lifting the garden latch,

we set out on our walk.

The dogs pull on their leads.

We walk among

grey gnarled trunks

with dusty green leaves.

Dust billows beneath our feet.

A staccato

pop pop popping punctuates

the quiet afternoon stillness.

Metallic crimson flashes

between the branches.

He darts from oak to oak

and we try to follow

with our eyes.

But he is too fast.

Holes scar the trunks;

marking his

rebellious path.


One thought on “The Woodpecker

  1. Despite reading that this was a wordle as well as reverie #4, I completely forgot the wordle part as I read, and had to go back and look for the words.I like the greyness you establish before having the red flash through. And, I am still having to look for the wordle words…

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