My feet walk the frozen fields,

the hard unyielding earth

holding my cold heart;
A flicker stirs within,
nudging a fresh awakening of
memories and consequences.
Anguish crosses
a permeable fabric
woven of whispered wishes.
The flame burns hot,
Fueling regret;
Spitting sparks of truth
That sear and shock.
The fire passes,
leaving warm embers.
Their ashes nourish
my parched earth.
Fields of serenity
replace the stony ground.
Golden poppies blossom and
scatter their seeds.
This poem was written using the following Sunday Whirl wordle prompt.  Pop over for more poetry using this week’s words.

6 thoughts on “Rebirth

  1. I love how you have the entire cycle of life wrapped up in your poem.I like the way you remind that fire is a force for good, as well, a necessary force, at that. On top of all that you have made the poem metaphorical!

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