I was cantering in the arena — balanced, smooth and relaxed.  Three strides before the corner, Jackson bucked.  Caught unaware and unprepared, I was tossed to the side of the saddle.  As I scrambled back up, the next buck lifted me further off balance.  I let go, pushing myself away from his shoulder and dropping to the ground.  The sand was hard.  It hurt.  Jackson slid to a confused stop and stared at me with questioning dark eyes.


You chose the other;

The wife and children, the known.

I let you go.


18 thoughts on “Falling

  1. Such pretty poetry, always. I ought to try my hand at writing more often. There was a time I wrote notebooks full of poetry and prose, and then something happened and I hardly dare to now. I sit, scrunched up and moist, inside this shell-house.How happy you made me when you said you'd made the recipe!! I laughed thinking of you all licking up your plates (!), and though you say you used bread, my own husband grew up actually licking his!You hugged my heart today. xoxo

  2. How are you today?Happy end of November!Appreciated your support to our poetry picnic,Hope to see you share today,A random poem or old poem will do the wonders too.Your talent rocks.Hope to see you in.xoxoxwell deserved award, wow.

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