Fall Lanturnes

I’ve been playing with a form called the Lanturne which was a prompt on Margo’s blog.  The form is five lines.  One syllable, two syllables, three, four, then one syllable again. 

in the wind,
yellow and red

blows waves
through the trees,
spray of color

fall leaves
turning red;
summer heat can’t 


18 thoughts on “Fall Lanturnes

  1. These are fun!I love the different views of fall, and the play on the word fall, and love the title, Fall Lanturnes. A great play on sound.margoPS Makes me want to dig out some notes and turn them into lanturnes!

  2. uhmm, i am not sure if this is the right entry i should comment on coz the link from the poets rally directed to your blog not on your entry but anyway this fall lanturnes post is a great write. it is a well penned piece. keep up the good work! please check my entry too: http://wp.me/TDjw

  3. Oh the change of the season and the turning of the leaves. On the islands I do miss the change of he leaves. Our plants are so tropical and grow year round and they are like a jungle in our yard but so beautiful lovely poemhttp://gatelesspassage.com/2011/10/05/today%e2%80%99s-feelings/

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