You in Parallel Lines

This poem was written using three different prompts.

First, from Margo’s Tuesday Tryout  I used her prompt to find my focus.  
Jot down four lists: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Try for at least six items per category. Remember that you can be metaphorical as well as literal. You can be as creative and imaginative and as out of the box as you would like.
Take one item from each list and use the four in a poem. Allow the four to suggest your focus.
My four words were: fossils, saddle, t-shirt and sapphire.  I didn’t end up using saddle and instead used another of my “old” words: redwoods.

Second, from We Write Poems prompt #64 which was:
No, not a lesson in geometry, but rather a method for reinforcing a phrase or idea within a poem. This form of “parallelism” employs either two lines expressing the same idea, or two lines presenting the opposing notions for contrast and refined exposition. We were asked by Nicole to write a poem using either or both of these two variants.

And third, from Jingle Poetry’s Potluck which was to write a poem about Love and its not being there.

Like fossils found in the ground
Or redwoods reaching for the sky,
Our love has endured the passage of time.

Your eyes shine like the sapphire ocean, 
Like a clear blue California sky;
Welcoming and warm, blazing bright.

Laying in your arms, your scent surrounds me.
So I wear your t-shirt, soft and worn,
On the nights I sleep alone. 


7 thoughts on “You in Parallel Lines

  1. I did the same, aiming for a terse poem of four lines, expressing love and its absence without mentioning the emotion by name. My four words were photo(graph)s, town, CDs, and Monday.The photographs, monochrome, a familiar verity; the town’s vivid, primary brickwork, alien and mendacious. Your CDs openly where you placed them on the table; leisure slips from view now Monday has my attention.MM.

  2. I love how you move from metaphor to specific between the beginning and the end. Both are evocative but in different ways. Both are emotional but with different effects. The poem works to convey the truth of the relationship.margo

  3. Hi! I am also participating in the Blogger Ball #7 ( and I am so glad I found this blog. I also write poetry (though I don't post much of it on my blog) and I write "stones" AND I am friends with Margo Roby. Isn't she great? I love her prompts.I think you did a great job incorporating all the prompts when writing this. It is very touching. I can't wait to see what you write next.

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