Seven Line Diamante

I’ve been playing with a form prompt from Margo’s site that creates a diamond shaped poem.  The idea is to start with one thing and end up with the opposite while following a word count and word type form.  Like so:

Line 1:         Noun, the opposite of Line 7
Line 2:         2 adjectives describing the noun in Line 1
Line 3:         3 verbs ending in –ing related to Line 1
Line 4:         2 nouns about Line 1 and 2 nouns about Line 7
Line 5:         3 verbs ending in –ing related to Line 7
Line 6:         2 adjectives describing Line 7
Line 7:         Noun, the opposite of Line 1

Here are my three attempts:

loose relaxed
loping roping wheeling
chaps spurs boots breeches
jumping dancing prancing
contact rhythm
black espresso
steaming brewing waking
cream sugar lemon ice
steeping refreshing cooling
golden herbal
peaceful heartful
writing riding playing
goats horses dogs crowds
touring shopping dining
busy bustling

6 thoughts on “Seven Line Diamante

  1. I like your choices to work with. I think the one that is particularly good is the western versus english riding. In this form, I find the gerunds the hardest to choose well and tend to spend more time than the form would lead me to expect.margo

  2. Thank you so much for doing Margo's prompts– I feel at least a bit connected through you. I am enjoying all the fun. I hope to rejoin the writing world after July. loving "home peaceful, heartful,writing riding…"

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