Ribbons of honey drench my toast,
Melting into butter and crumb;
Satisfying sweetness fills my soul.

Dipping deep into the honey jar,
Sunshine yellow, full of dripping gold;
Ribbons of honey drench my toast.

The morning sun spills across the table
Warming my skin.  I am
Melting into butter and crumb.

Bird songs fill the stillness.  I take
A long sip from my coffee mug and
Satisfying sweetness fills my soul.


22 thoughts on “Honey

  1. lovely… and thanks for visiting my blog. I will enjoy returning to yours.You have a rhythm and flow to your work that settles in my body I like that.jeanne/geezergirl

  2. Your cascade is gorgeous! I just bookmarked the page so I can come back and read it during the day. It is so lovely it drew sounds from me twice! I hope you will keep the form in your repertoire.

  3. stunning words.words such as honey toast, melting butter, coffee…make the piece very visual and real.perfect ending, enjoyed your treat.:)

  4. Such a lovely morning! I can see myself there. I can taste myself there. It is not toast, or butter, or jam. It is the fruition of me, the ripening that smells of fermentation, a decent wine. A noble pursuit.

  5. Srumptious – I might just have this for supper . . . and again, tomorrow for breakfaAn interesting form – it reminded me of the Pantoum form but this is less complex.'Bird songs fill the stillness, I take'I wanted that line to read:Bird song fills the stillness. But you've probably tried that.Best wishesHarry

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