A – Z Challenge: The Letter Y

Yellow Thoughts

Mustard and yarrow on
  golden summer hills.
Dandelion buttons 
  dotting the meadow.
Sunflowers open wide,
  offering seed stuffed centers.

Tiger lily stamen stains.
Spring sprung daffodils.

Autumn aspen leaves
  quaking in the breeze.

Winter rains slacking off
  yellow slickers 

This is my submission for Poets Rally.  


16 thoughts on “A – Z Challenge: The Letter Y

  1. Only now am I looking at my blog roll and find that you were doing the A to Z Challenge from your garden blog. Your thoughts on the letter Y were wonderful. You are so talented with words. I loved the yellow slicker, dandelion buttons, and spring sprung daffodils.–Inger

  2. You have a talent for imagery. You poem made me sing and want to go outside for my morning coffee!Irishttp://poetpost.wordpress.comhttp://irisinbloom.wordpress.com

  3. Very nice flow to this piece. I thoroughly enjoyed the images you presented, as you moved from first word to last. Thanks for sharing.

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