Saturday Starter: 2 April – 9 April

I belong to a group on Writing Our Way Home (see side bar) that throws out a writing challenge each week.  This week the challenge was quite specific.  Make three columns.  In the first list 10 verbs, in the second 10 nouns, and in the third 10 adjectives/adverbs.  Pick your five favorite from each column.  Compose a poem, 10 lines long, 8 syllables per line, with five rhymes (internal, end, or slant).  I had my misgivings… but it ended up being a lot of fun.  Oh, and it doesn’t have to make sense.  What a relief!!

In brindled shadow she pounces
  after the bouncing darting mouse
    as it dives into a crevice
     in a thick pile of bricks and sticks.
Dewy orchard blossoms glisten
  in the early morning sunlight.
Jaunty cedars shade a jade glade
  where slouchy green grass dips and dives
    into the cold clear  bantering brook.
Small stones glancing and dancing home.


2 thoughts on “Saturday Starter: 2 April – 9 April

  1. I think this is beautiful Annette. It's amazing how cohesive it is considering the way you came to write it. You've inspired me to check out the "Writing Your Way Home website. Thank you!

  2. I love the poem and your two blogs. I may not have welcomed you to my blog like I usually do with new followers. I will remedy that and let my other followers know of your two great blogs.–Inger

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